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Through experiences, success, and failures from the corporate and startup worlds, we've created a hiring solution that makes recruitment more efficient and affordable.

Meet the Founder

Charles Thamm

Economic Hiring Solutions was born out of Charles Thamm’s journey, filled with life’s challenges and professional experiences in the Army and multiple positions within the recruitment industry.

Charles brings a unique perspective and innovative solutions to talent acquisition challenges. His approach is a blend of hands-on experience and strategic use of technology, ensuring that companies find suitable candidates and enhance their overall hiring and operational effectiveness.

His story is not just about personal resilience; it’s an example of how adversity and action can forge a path to innovation and leadership.

Charles Thamm, Army Veteran Business Owner

Charles Thamm’s journey is a testament to resilience and the power of transformation. At 16, faced with homelessness, Charles found refuge in unlikely places, from barns to the backs of grocery stores. His interest in mechanics, kindled by his grandfather, led him to mechanic school, but his aspirations stretched beyond. Yearning for a fresh start and driven by a sense of purpose, Charles joined the Army on a friend’s suggestion, eventually serving as an 11B Infantryman for over a decade. His experience includes three tours in Iraq followed by three and a half years as an army recruiter – a role that foreshadowed his future career trajectory.

Transitioning from the military, Charles faced financial challenges but remained steadfast in his goals, mainly to be present for his daughter’s upbringing. His tenacity led him to FedEx Office, where he began on a contract basis and soon earned a full-time role as Senior Corporate Recruiter. Here, Charles started to hone his skills and passion for talent acquisition.

Building on his success at FedEx, he worked his way through the ranks to Director of Talent Acquisition, giving him experience from startups to midsize organizations, spanning up to Fortune 500. While overseeing these roles in national organizations, his leadership and innovative approaches were pivotal in helping organizations grow. His expertise in automating the recruiting process, capturing analytics, and implementing candidate testing platforms boosted efficiency and employee development in various industries spanning manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and, most recently, dental.

The culmination of these experiences led Charles to establish Economic Hiring Solutions, his venture aimed at revolutionizing the hiring process with smart, technology-based solutions. Drawing from his diverse background – from his early struggles to his strategic roles in various organizations – Charles has crafted Economic Hiring Solutions to address the complex challenges of modern recruitment.

Economic Hiring Solutions leverages technology to streamline hiring processes, making them more efficient and affordable.

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